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Why A Sin-Full Bites Tour?

There's so much to do in Las Vegas, and typically, only a short time to fit it all in. With thousands of restaurants and places to visit in Las Vegas, how do you do it all? The answer is you call Sin-Full Bites! Let Sin-Full Bites navigate you through some of the best spots in Las Vegas and eat delicious food that you know has been tried and tested by our local guides.

Sin-Full Bites Story

Every business has a beginning, and Sin-Full Bites was an idea that developed in Las Vegas over forty years ago.  The founders watched Las Vegas grow by leaps and bounds. They lived through old Las Vegas and saw buildings implode and just as quickly, new buildings transformed into something bigger and always better. They have experienced first-hand all the changes of Sin City from then until today.  The professionals with Sin-Full Bites have made it their business to continually visit every resort on the strip and downtown. Keeping up with the many changes of Las Vegas, can be a challenge, but Sin-Full Bites has taken all the legwork out of it for their guests. Sin-Full Bites loves to share their wealth of local knowledge.

Meet the Team

Get to know the professionals and local insiders, that will have you enjoying every minute with Sin-Full Bites.

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Taste Master

Originally born in a suburb of Detroit, Rebecca moved to Las Vegas before she could walk.

Rebecca does a great "Transformers" imitation!



Taste Master

Anthony was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.  A proud native of Vegas, Anthony attended school here and went on to college in both the state of Washington and California. Upon completing college Anthony decided there was just no place like home.



Taste Master

Lita is so outgoing she can make a lamp post have a conversation.

Small in stature, but big in attitude.  She loves people, food, and cocktails!

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