It was one week ago today that we Las Vegans experienced something we had not before. A horrific tragedy!  Out of respect for those victims, I feel it is our duty to speak of it. This cannot be pushed aside or ignored. A mass shooting that took 58 lives and injured over 500 people gives one pause especially when it comes to vacationing in Vegas.  That is a decision you will need to make.

I can only share with you the after effects on my community. Our Las Vegas community pulled together and worked together to help in any way they could. And they did so immediately. From volunteering to wash the Emergency Room floors to opening their own front door of their home to the victims and victims family and friends.  Blood donation lines ran miles long. Many who were not able to donate blood, fed those in line waiting to donate.

Vigils and Memorials were happening daily and everywhere in our great city. Lifelong friendships and relationships were made. Within days Las Vegas created and built a Memorial Park, not a week but days. We pulled together, we prayed together, we cried together and we grieved together. We are family.